About Bisa Health

Bisa Health Application is a technology non profit company focused on building mobile and electronic health solutions to tackle problems in the delivery of healthcare in Africa.

The BISA Health App, is an app which allows the public to access doctors and other healthcare practitioners using their mobile devices (both smart and non-smart phones).

Our Advantage

Bisa does not diminish the importance of a face-to-face interaction with a doctor or visit to the hospital. What it does is to provide certain classes of people, who would otherwise totally neglect to seek any form of medical advice or intervention, to easily seek the same, anonymously and free of charge, by simply typing in a question, sending a picture of an abnormality or sending a voice note about their problem(s) and getting a response from a qualified practitioner.

Bisa COVID-19 Response

Bisa has partnered the Disease Surveillance Department of the Ghana Health Service who in Ghana are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 disease. The goal of this partnership is for Bisa to be used as a comprehensive digital health tool in order to educate the public, manage patients and follow-up of COVID19 cases in Ghana. The app will update the public on expert proven information for the public and thereby act as a counterweight to widely spread and partly dangerous false information on the net.



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