About Bisa Health

Bisa Health Application is a technology non profit company focused on building mobile and electronic health solutions to tackle problems in the delivery of healthcare in Africa.

Our flagship project is the “Bisa Health App”, which allows the public access to doctors and other healthcare practitioners using their mobile devices (both smart and non-smart phones). This is an advantage for people who need medical care and advice but are unable to visit the hospital for various reasons such as cost/affordability, long queues at the hospital and the fear of stigmatization (especially for people who are exhibiting symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and are embarrassed to seek the needed treatment). For the aforementioned reasons and many others, there remains a gap in the delivery of healthcare, which does not allow certain groups or classes of people to seek medical help when needed.

“Our mission is to provide quick and easy access to healthcare advice through mobile technology”

“Our vision is a world where everyone has access to healthcare, no matter what their social status or background is.”

Learn about our covid-19 strategy

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a global pandemic with more than 1,000 cases reported across 46 African countries and 152 confirmed cases in Ghana. It is critical for health innovations like Bisa to provide a solutions

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